Gimmei is a service that will change the way Social Networking Services, Advertising, and Marketing .

Social Networking Services

Our service fundamentally changes the structure of traditional social media.
By removing followers, likes, and DMs, we create a community where everyone can speak freely and equally. With our innovative UI and AI that acts like a friend, users can experience something truly unique.


With revenue from feedback comments, we create ads that users are happy to see and offer a new, affordable advertising model for companies. Current social media ads give users a negative impression, and companies are struggling with high advertising costs. Currently, SNS ads average about 7,500 views for one conversion. Do you think this is normal? We will change this norm and create a new standard for advertising.


This is a low-cost, quick-response marketing research method that can only be realized by collecting authentic data from a variety of users.

The data entrusted to us by users is given value, while companies complete research faster and cheaper than ever before.

We believe this method can revolutionize the huge market research industry.


The future facilitated by AI is already being realized, making our lives incredibly convenient. However, it is also true that more people are experiencing anxiety about job loss due to AI.

What percentage of people will benefit from AI in the near future?
What percentage of people will be able to own devices like Apple Vision Pro, AR goggles, or earphones with built-in cameras?

If Basic Income exists to turn a blind eye to the reality of those who cannot benefit from these advancements, then I reject it.

We aim to prove that Basic Income is not the only answer and strive to create a wonderful world full of hope for the next generation.